rat breaking through wall

10 Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Are you noticing subtle signs of an infestation around your home but aren't able to identify them?

Our pest control experts have a short guide on 10 signs of a rodent infestation. Continue reading to learn more about infestation signs and what you can do about a rodent infestation.


  1. Nests

    If you notice piles of shredded paper, string, and fuzz, it's probably a mouse's nest. Mice will build nests indoors with materials found in your home, usually in small corners, attics, or basements.

  2. Chew Marks

    Chew marks left by rats are about 1/8 of an inch long and primarily are focused on wood. Small scratch marks are also created by a rat infestation running or exploring your home.

    If you see tooth or claw marks in your walls or floors, it might be a rodent.

  3. Pet Behavior

    Your cat or dog knows when there are unfamiliar animals in the house. Your pet might act up, stare in the corner or underneath furniture, or try to play with a mouse.

    Pay attention when your pet is acting erratic because it could be a sign of a rodent problem.

  4. Urine Odour

    Rodent urine is a prominent, stale, unpleasant smell.

    The longer it sits, the stronger it will smell. It's likely to happen when rodents first come into your house. If you catch a whiff of animal urine, be sure to try to identify it right away.

  5. Holes

    Because mice and rats are pests and will chew holes into walls to get into another room, watch for holes in the corners of your house.

    Holes might appear in other areas and materials, such as the bottom of a bookshelf, cardboard boxes, or kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  6. Rodent Tracks

    Active rats or mice will leave tracks while running around your home. Along with tiny prints, you might see urine stains and droppings.

    One good method to seeing if you're dealing with a rodent infestation is by sprinkling baby powder over the tracks--this will make these marks easier to see.

  7. Droppings

    Fresh rodent droppings are dark in colour and moist. When they age, they become drier and gray in colour.

    Droppings are commonly found near food packaging, drawers or cabinets, hidden areas, and under sinks. Droppings are one of the major signs of rodents.

  8. Rotting Odour

    If you smell a rotting odour, a mouse or rat might have died somewhere in your home.

    Dead rodents can be extremely toxic to leave in your house because of the possibility of Hantavirus.

    In the case of detecting a dead rat or mouse, make sure to call a professional exterminator for rodent removal as soon as possible.

  9. Odd Noises

    Small rodents make chittering, gnawing, scampering, and scratching noises. These are commonly heard in attics, walls, and ceilings.

    If there are some suspicious noises you're hearing, it's probably due to a mouse infestation travelling throughout your house.

  10. Oil or Grease Marks

    When a rat or mouse rubs against a wall, they leave oily or greasy marks behind. You might find these along baseboards or in narrow spaces like behind furniture.

    If you find an oil mark and it streaks when you touch it, it's fresh.


Identifying a Rodent Infestation

Rodent infestations are unpleasant and can be hazardous if untreated. If you notice any of these signs around your house, you might be housing mice or rats.

It might be time to call a reputable exterminator in Montreal for an inspection to deal with a rodent infestation. Contact the licensed pest control experts at Pestroy today to rid your home of unwanted rodents.