Four Reasons to Call an Exterminator for Pest Control

An infestation of pests such as termites and bed bugs can compromise the comfort and safety of your home and office. Many businesses or homeowners are not prepared for pest problems and find them frustrating and overwhelming. Having some standard pest control supplies at your premises might help you in managing the situation. But if the problem is too much to handle on your own, you should call the pest exterminators. Trust the exterminators at Pestroy Inc. for pest control services at various residential complexes and commercial facilities such as factories, industrial buildings and warehouses. We have been providing services throughout Montreal for over 80 years.

Go through the four major reasons to call an exterminator for pest control:

1.     Category of Pests You Are Dealing With – Pests such as moths are common and you can use store-bought anti-pests products to deal with them. But if dangerous pests such as termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants and rats have infested your place, you will need professionals to eradicate them. Trained exterminators identify and eliminate the source of pest infestation effectively.


2.     Does the Problem Require Several Treatments? – There might be instances where you have tried to deal with pest problems on your own, but the pests continue to show up a few weeks later. At such times, pest control specialists are best to deal with such issues.


3.     It is Less Expensive – Dealing with pests on your own might seem like a good idea to save money, but it might not always be the case. Some insects, such as termites or rats, cause severe damage to the building’s structure and depreciate its value. Trained exterminators are better equipped to get rid of them fast. They remove the nest of the pest, preventing rapid reproduction. You don’t have to spend huge amounts on building repair and maintenance.


4.     Protection of Your Employees or Family-Members – Pests spread diseases. For instance, cockroaches and rats are known to contaminate food. Bed bugs feed off the blood of a host while they sleep. A long run with such pests can cause your family members or employees to fall ill.

Also, most of the pest control products which you buy from the store are toxic, ineffective and expensive. Some of them only slow the pests down and don’t kill them. Hiring a professional exterminator ensures the problem is handled swiftly and efficiently.

Protect your building against parasites by contacting our exterminators. The longer you wait, the more widespread the problem will become.

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