In What Ways Are Rats Harmful to You and Your Property?

Do you hear noises in your walls and ceiling that suggest the presence of rodents? If you don’t know much about critters of this kind, you may be asking yourself if there’s any rush to send them packing, or if you can keep them around as houseguests indefinitely. At Pestroy, exterminators in Montreal and on the West Island, we can tell you unequivocally that lodging rodents is the last thing you want. Keep reading and we’ll tell you what sort of guests rats really are.

They’re noisy

Rats are nocturnal animals that live in colonies that can be populated by several dozen members at a time. In the silence of the night, their scratchy footsteps and sharp cries become irritating pretty quickly, whether these sounds are coming from the walls, ceilings, floors, cupboards or cabinets. Add gnawing noises to this list or irksome sounds: rats’ incisors never stop growing, and rats constantly gnaw on solid materials to sharpen them.

They smell bad

Rat urine has a strong ammonia-like odour, and urine particles found in the air are an allergen. Their excrement also gives off a foul smell when it begins to collect. Moreover, rats themselves aren’t known for being pleasant-smelling. They’re especially malodorous during mating season and dead rats smell to high heaven. Naturally, the greater the number, the worse the stench.

They cause damage

While rat droppings make residences unsanitary, their habit of gnawing anything and everything is hazardous to the building itself. These vermin will happily dig their hard teeth into plastic, wood, pipes, electrical wires and more. As a result, they often cause electrical problems and may even spark a fire.

They carry diseases

Because of where they’ve been (notably, sewers), rats can transmit a number of diseases that are dangerous to humans, such as leptospirosis. Infection can occur through a bite, by eating contaminated food or by breathing in dust containing rat droppings.

Have you lost all desire to hobnob with rats and are in need of professional rat control services? If so, you can count on the team at Pestroy for superior rodent and insect extermination in Montreal. For more information about our residential or commercial extermination services, contact us today.

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