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How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Services

Any home is vulnerable to a pest infestation without the proper precautions and can’t be resolved with do-it-yourself solutions.

That is a serious problem for homeowners and apartment dwellers alike. After all, even your basic cockroach can spread intestinal diseases. The diseases spread by rodents often prove far more serious and sometimes life-threatening.

Pest control professionals can take care of infestations for you, but it’s important to set up your home for their visit. Keep reading for some essential tips on prepping your home for exterminators to deal with a few common pests.

General Home Cleaning

Cleaning up your home makes it less pest friendly. Mop down any tile or linoleum floors and sanitize any hardwood.

Take a vacuum or carpet cleaner to your rugs and carpets. Wash your bedding and vacuum the mattresses. This helps remove eggs and other contaminants.

Many insects like moisture, so fix any minor water leaks you find in your home.

Move Furniture

Insects and other pests often move along your walls behind large pieces of furniture. You can make the pest control technician's visit far more effective by moving furniture off the walls. This lets them apply pest control products in areas that normally escape attention or cleaning.

Safety tip: Get help when moving large furniture items to avoid injury.

Note Locations

The pest control specialist won't know where your home needs the most attention without some guidance. After all, some pests stay out of sight most of the time or may only come out at odd hours.

Write down the places in your home where you most commonly see pests. Give the technician the list when they arrive for your appointment. This helps ensure that infested areas get the right attention.

Pack Away Belongings

There are always some items in any home that shouldn't get exposed to any kind of pest control services. Think clothing, bedding, kids' toys, and food.

Put these items into plastic containers with lids. For food items, in particular, make sure the containers offer an airtight seal. As an added bonus, keeping food in airtight containers also helps keep pests at bay.

How to Prepare Your Home for Pest Control Services

There are several things you can do to prepare your home for pest control services.

Give your home a solid cleaning ahead of the appointment. Move furniture so the pest control specialist can access the areas along the walls. Write down the places you regularly spot pests in your home. Pack away your belongings into plastic containers with lids. Remember, you want an airtight seal for any container that will contain food items.

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