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Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Winter

Every winter, you’re grossed out by how many lingering bugs are scattered around your home. As even the bugs and insects try to escape the winter cold, make sure your home doesn’t get infested.

It can be easy to procrastinate on sealing your home and keeping it clean for the winter. But with just a little extra effort, you can save yourself a lot of pest trouble.

There are many different ways to deter bugs and prevent potential infestations in your house, but the key is finding which ones actually work. Find out how to keep pests out of your home this winter with these helpful tips.

Seal Floors and Doorways

Bugs looking to find warmth when winter hits will squeeze through any kind of hole or crack in your home to get inside. Be sure to seal any cracks in the bathroom and kitchen especially.

Use caulk to seal these areas, and you can use it around doorways and windows as well if needed. Even if you’ve sealed these areas before, they may need replacing.

Before winter descends, check around the outside of your house as well. If you can find the origin of some cracks, you can seal them from the outside first.

Also, make a point to create seals around piping and other utilities that provide easy access for bugs into your house.

Keep It Clean

One of the greatest attractions for pests venturing into your home is the abundant supply of food. While keeping the house clean is generally a good standard, it is critical during the winter season because it draws in many different kinds of pests.

Crumbs No More

One of the best ways to keeps bugs or pests out of the house is by keeping things clean.

The smallest crumb can be a meal for several rodents or insects, like ants or beetles. Make sure to sweep floors frequently and wipe off counters to gather crumbs and dispose of them properly.

Trash Be Gone

With all the random things that end up in your trashcan, some are bound to sound delicious to a hungry rodent. Once you pack up your trash, dispose of it frequently and in a spot away from your home to avoid the many pests that will want to take their share.

Trim the Trees

Dangling tree branches and tall trees close to your house are home to many crawling insects. A pro tip if you’re looking for how to keep your house pest-free is to trim trees before winter.

By trimming branches that are close to windows, siding, and even doors, you can make the path into your home more difficult to access for pests.

Keep Pests Out of Your Home This Winter

These are a few great tips that can help you keep pests out of your home this winter. Remember, if you act too late, the pests may already be galivanting around your kitchen looking for all the scraps they can find.

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