4 Tips to Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

If you know there are mice in your home’s vicinity, or if a neighbour has recently dealt with a rodent problem, it’s important that you take steps to protect your house against an infestation. Here are four strategies for keeping mice at bay, courtesy of Pestroy, your experts in mouse extermination right here in Montreal.

1. Seal potential entry points

Mice can slip through a hole as small as a dime. Thoroughly inspect your home for the following:

  • gaps under exterior doors
  • cracks in the foundation
  • spaces between floorboards
  • gaps in window jambs
  • spaces around wall plumbing

Install metal weather stripping under doors and seal all other openings adequately (avoid using wood or rubber, which mice can chew through).

2. Eliminate water sources

To settle in your home, rodents need a water source, whether it’s a leaking faucet, leaking pipe or open drain. Repair or update your plumbing if necessary so that mice will be forced to get their water outside your home.

3. Properly store food

Mice have a highly developed sense of smell that allows them to sniff out food across long distances. Be sure to keep all food, including pet food, in sealed containers. In the same vein, opt for airtight garbage cans and keep your kitchen clean.

4. Remove potential nesting sites

A mouse nest on your property isn’t much better than one in your house. It serves as a home base from which mice can make raids on your residence. Keep potential nesting sites such as wood piles and tire stacks at a distance from your house and, ideally, lifted 30 cm off the ground. Moreover, cut or remove long weeds from your lawn. Finally, be sure to keep compost bags in a secure container and at a good distance from your home.

Taking these steps will help to ward off mouse infestations. If a family of mice finds a hole in your defenses, a competent exterminator can remedy the situation. For a reliable exterminator in Montreal or the West Island, contact Pestroy today!