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A pest infestation can compromise your hygiene and safety. While rodents can cause serious problems and diseases such as plague and food poisoning, insect bites can also be potentially hazardous for children and cause skin rashes, irritation and allergies. If you are looking for effective pest control and extermination services in Montreal, we can provide you with complete end to end solutions to remove pest infestations in your home, office or warehouse. With our professional extermination services, we ensure that the problem is resolved once and for all. 


We provide comprehensive extermination for all kinds of flies, insects, bugs and rodents to completely sanitize your facility of any infestation. With our regular spray services, we ensure that there is no recurrence. As your expert exterminator, we identify the small cracks and faults in your structure that nurture pests and insects, and we try to fill up such gaps to ensure that the insects cannot thrive, and your property is all clean and safe.

Efficient & Cost-Effective Pest Control Solutions

Expert exterminators providing customized solutions for the removal of insect and rodent infestations on your premises. 

Why Hire a Professional Exterminator?

People may not always see the immediate advantage of hiring a professional exterminator and may also think of it as an added expense, but getting professional extermination services can, in fact, save you some money. Pests can damage and destroy your furniture, upholstery, walls, floors and more, which eventually leads to costly repairs. Effective pest control is all the more important in establishments related to the food industry because rodents and bugs can cause irreparable damage to food items.


At Pestroy Inc., we provide professional pest control services for all types of residential, commercial, industrial and institutional premises in Montreal. Our expertise is in providing complete extermination solutions for bugs, rodents, flies, wasps and insect infestations. We start with a thorough inspection into the extent of the infestation and devise suitable solutions as per your requirement. Our true strength is in our deep understanding of the problem and providing you with a detailed, formal proposal to combat the issue. We conduct a painstaking assessment of the invasion and provide suitable fumigation and extermination solutions. Our team of qualified professionals is all you need to exterminate the pests in your property.

Expertise in Dealing With All Kinds of Bug Infestations

Over 9 decades of experience in pest control and extermination in Montreal have given us the prowess to deal with all kinds of bug and insect-related problems. We can get rid of rodents, bed bugs, carpenter ants, and insects while ensuring that there is no recurrence. We give you a straightforward and clear picture of the extent of the problem and the exact solution required. We also provide you with an honest cost estimate. If you need the help of an expert exterminator to get rid of bug infestations in your premises, get in touch with us today.

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