Effective Cockroach Extermination in Montreal

Cockroach on bread

Cockroach extermination

Cockroaches are controlled using a combination treatment of baiting and spraying. The main advantages of using bait are that it provides more effective control and far less pesticide issued. The cockroaches are drawn to the bait which has a very small amount of pesticides in it. Some preparation, such as cleaning the stove, the fridge, the walls and floors around them, is recommended to ensure a quick extermination. 

A clean kitchen will reduce competition from other food sources like crumbs beside a stove or grease that may have accumulated in a fume hood. Cockroaches with fewer food sources will focus more on the bait as a food source and they will be exterminated much more quickly.

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Wasp Extermination

After determining what is needed to provide an effective wasp control plan, the experts at Pestroy will select the best wasp control methods – traps, light modification, mechanical and insecticidal controls or physical removal.

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