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Rodent Extermination Services in Montreal 

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Rodents could cause serious damage to your property if they are not controlled immediately. They also contaminate your food causing serious health problems. If you want to get rid of rodents at your building or property, Pestroy Inc is here to help. We provide rodent extermination in Montreal for commercial clients. For over 80 years, we have been a reliable name in pest control services, including bed bugs and insects. Our professionals can also assist you with onsite evaluation and integrated pest control treatments.


Our rodent extermination services can help you eliminate all unwanted rats and mice on your property. We deliver our professional services in a timely manner. Contact us when you need rodent extermination services for your residential or commercial property in Montreal.


All You Need To Know About Rat Infestations

Usually, the types of rats that infest properties in Montreal are Norway Rats and Roof Rats. While the Norway Rats are more likely to infest damp areas like crawl spaces and building parameters, roof rats typically infest attics, rafters, or upper stories of buildings. 


Signs of A Rat Infestation

If you hear scratching sounds emerging from your walls when there is close to no activity in your surrounding areas, it is likely that your house is infested by rats. The presence of droppings or urine can also be an indicator.


Damages Caused By Rats

Rats can soil buildings and contaminate them, which can spread infections. They can also infect food items and chew through wiring.


Smoke Tests for Rats

A smoke test is a method of checking the integrity of all the pipes leading to the main sewer to ensure there are no openings in the system. All visible openings to the buildings sewer system are blocked and smoke (the same kind used in the theatre) is put into the pipes to see if unseen holes exist anywhere in the system.

This test is recommended when a recurring rat problem is present. Rats usually enter a building from a weak spot in the sewer system. The test can pinpoint broken pipes or opened drains behind walls or under floors that may be giving the rats access to the building. We always recommend a plumber be present during the test so the source of any visible smoke can be checked into immediately.

sewer diagram

Rat infestation hazards:

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All You Need To Know About Mouse Infestations

The typical mice that infest your house are usually the light brown to dark grey mice with large ears i.e. the house mice, and the brown-grey mice with white belly and feet i.e. the deer mouse.


Signs Of Mice Infestation

If you see unexplained signs of chewing or gnawing or you spot damaged food packages, you should consider it to be a red flag of an infestation.


Damages Caused By Mice

Mice, like rats, can chew through materials and damage food packets, cardboard, paper etc. They can also infect your pets and you with a number of diseases.


Rodent Extermination

Pestroy can conduct mice and rat extermination in your home or place of business. Our technicians have many years of practical experience in mice control. We perform a thorough inspection to try and determine the point of entry and employ a variety of products and proven methods to eliminate the problem. The safety of children and household pets is always taken into consideration. Non-toxic programs are available if required. 

You can count on our professionals for:

  • Unwanted pests removal
  • Customized pest control plans
  • Safe and effective treatments


Contact us today for rodent extermination in Montreal.


Rodent Problems?

At Pestroy, we provide efficient rodent extermination services for your Montreal property.

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