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Smoke Tests for Rats

A smoke test is a method of checking the integrity of all the pipes leading to the main sewer to ensure there are no openings in the system. All visible openings to the buildings sewer system are blocked and smoke (the same kind used in the theatre) is put into the pipes to see if unseen holes exist anywhere in the system.

This test is recommended when a recurring rat problem is present. Rats usually enter a building from a weak spot in the sewer system. The test can pinpoint broken pipes or opened drains behind walls or under floors that may be giving the rats access to the building. We always recommend a plumber be present during the test so the source of any visible smoke can be checked into immediately.

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Rat infestation hazards:

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Mice Extermination

Pestroy can conduct mice extermination in your home or place of business. Our technicians have many years of practical experience in mice control. We perform a thorough inspection to try and determine the point of entry and employ a variety of products and proven methods to eliminate the problem. The safety of children and household pets is always taken into consideration. Non-toxic programs are available if required.

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